Wedge Wire is produced through the method of electric resistance welding, wires with special profiles are welded to supporting wires at 90 degrees.

Wedge Wire is characteristic of accurate cut size and precise gap (aperture) required with the ability to carry heavy loads. The working surface is 100% smooth which eliminates blinding and pegging.

The distance between the surface profiles is controlled very accurately as it forms the slot through which the filtrate flows.The direction of the flow is determined by the position of the surface profiles in relation to the support profiles.Wedge wire screens are either flow-out-to-in OR flow-in-to-out.

Wedge Wire has the following advantages:

Non-clogging (blinding/pegging) – the continuous slot formed by the V-shaped surface wires ensures a two- point contact between the particles and the slot,which minimizes clogging of near size product.

High-precision slot sizes – precise/exact aperture can be achieved.

Surface Filtration – the V shaped surface wires allow easy cleaning by mechanical scraping,back flushing or high pressure hose.

Strong construction – for most applications the wedge wire is self-supporting because of the welding at each intersection and can therefore withstand high pressure(Psi) and heavy loads.

Our Wedge wire is available in the following material

  • SS430
  • SS302
  • SS304
  • SS304L
  • SS316
  • SS316L
Other material available on request.
Allied are able to manufacture from a 0.01mm (10 Micron) up to 15mm (1500 micron) with flanges, end rings or BSP threads.

The following Wedge Wire Products are manufactured by Allied:

  • Flat sheets
  • Sieve Bends
  • Vibrating and static panels with or without a flat bar frame
  • Poly Wedge Panels
  • Baskets – VM series; FC series; H series; SCC series; HSG series and TLL series as well as the Scraper, Scraper Hub, Scraper drum cover, Scraper drum studs and Base of spoke for the FC and H series, all our baskets are balanced using specialised equipment.
  • Intertank / Interstage Cylinders
  • All Filter Types: candle filters, laterals, resin traps, water well filters, sand filters, rotary screens, filter nozzles, filter elements, fluid filter, gas filter, poodle filter and many more.

If Allied are supplied a drawing or sample there is no wedge wire product we cannot manufacture. All common apertures and profiles are kept ex-stock as flat sheets.

Various Products Manufactured by Allied Mesh:

Profile specification can be made according to specific requirements.


Allied Mesh manufacture Poly Wedge Panels,Poly Wire panels and Poly Perf panels in a variety of sizes with the most popular being 305x305 ; 305x610 and 610x610 in a variety of apertures and wire profiles to suite your best requirements , panels are available in Pin and Sleeve and Clip Rail systems.

Modular panels are an up and coming product due to the advantages they offer, they are modular , no need to change an entire deck just the worn panels, they offer high open area as well as high sliding abrassion.There is also a noise reduction when using these panels and are cost effective In the long run.

All polyurethane accessories to suite the instillation and running of these panels are also manufactured by Allied mesh with the most common products being.

  • Side Liners – to suite all OEM vibrating decks
  • Brackets and Wedges – to suite all side liners
  • Clip rails – to suite all types of panels
  • Centre protection pieces – to suite all clip rails
  • Poly Cross dams (Wear Bars) – to suite all panels and requirements
  • Discharge and feed panels – all types
Other accessories can be manufactured upon request.

305 x 305 Panels

Available as Poly Wedge panels, Poly Wire panels and Poly Perf panels, manufactured with or without Wear bars (Polycross Dam) and deflectors.

305 x 610 Panels

Available as Poly Wedge panels, Poly Wire panels and Poly Perf panels, manufactured with or without Wear bars (Polycross Dam) and deflectors.

610 x 610 Panels

Available as Poly Wedge panels, Poly Wire panels and Poly Perf panels, manufactured with or without Wear bars (Polycross Dam) and deflectors.

Wedges, Brackets,Side liners and clip rail

Available in many sizes and types to suite your requirements.

Poly Cross Dam - Wear Bar

These can be supplied as loose pieces in order to be moved around or reused as required, or can be manufactured as a fixed part of the panel.


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