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  • Quantity
  • Wire Thickness - if you not sure we will quote with the standard wire for your application.
  • Material
  • Hook dimension, if not sure please go to Screen Selection (ALSO LOOK AT), print a copy fill it out and fax or email to us. If the screen is Flat with no hooks please make a note of that.
  • If a slotted aperture which direction does the slot run in.
  • We automatically put metal edges (metal plate around hooks) on a 3.15 wire and below.
  • If you Screens are for a MOBILE Screen and you are not sure of the screen sizes or hook types please give us the Machine name and number from this we will know exactly what screens to supply we will just need your aperture and wire.
  • We have Reps on standby should you prefer a visit in order to discuss your requirements.
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