Allied Mesh and Filters manufacture and stock a large range of Fine Mesh/Cloth, Filter Discs, Tube Filters,Filter Belts and Crimped Mesh. A large variety of materials is available across the range of all our mesh products. Mild Steel, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L are the most common. Brass, copper, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, plastic and fibreglass are available on request.

Weaves Types Available

Plain Weave

Twill Weave

Dutch Plain Weave

Dutch Twill Weave

Reverse Dutch Plain Weave

Our Fine Mesh Products are available as follows:

Variety of Meshes

Variety of meshes supplied as cut to size pieces , framed or fabricated as required.Also available as hooked screens for vibrating screens.

Rolls of Mesh

We have a large range of apertures/microns available in rolls in different widths. We sell complete rolls or cut to size pieces.


Rotary Screens

Mesh screens with a canvas boarder and eyelids for rotary or circular screen. Eyelids can either be brass or stainless steel.


Selvedged Ends

Selvedge ends are also available on special request; this prevents the end wires from unravelling.

Filter Discs / Tube Filters /Filter Belts

Our Filters Discs are available in many types and shapes with the most common being as follows:


Available in many different Diameters and weave types as a single layer.


These ensure if a number of meshes are fitted into a machine as a pack the wrong mesh cannot be placed before the other as they are spot welded together.


These filters have an Aluminium rim added to give the wire cloth filter extra rigidity and strength.

Tube Filters

Available as plain tube filters or with a number of meshes making up a single tube filter. A rim can also be placed on either end if required.

Filter Belts

Usually manufactured from a Dutch Weave with many options and weave types available. Some popular weaves are kept ex stock.

Allied manufactures a large range of Filter Discs and keep a large range Ex Stock.


Our crimped mesh is available Ex Stock in galvanised and stainless steel, in a variety of apertures and wire thickness. All other apertures we will manufacture as required. Our crimped mesh is supplied in rolls or cut to size pieces to suite your requirements.

Allied have specialised equipment to test and inspect our mesh.

At Allied all our Mesh Products undergo an intensive inspection and quality check before supply. Material certificates are available on request.

Wire and aperture inspection
Small aperture and wire inspection tools
Measuring the length of each roll
Used to measure extremely small apertures and wires


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